Dearborn Dance Academy

Specializing in Classical Ballet

We will begin the year with a number of safety procedures that we will adapt as the situation changes:

Everyone must wear a mask at all times while in the studio.  Please use hand sanitizer when you come into the studio.

Please stay home if you or your dancer is feeling sick.

 One adult should bring the dancer into the studio and get her/him ready for class (coat and outside shoes off, dance shoes for the first class on and shoes for other classes ready to take in, use the bathroom if needed). Once children are ready to go into class, parents should leave the studio to wait in their cars or to run errands (to facilitate social distancing).  Parents should return before their dancers’ last class ends and come back into the studio to get her/him ready to leave and gather belongings.

 Tuition is due week 1 of each four-week period and should be sent in with the student in a sealed envelope with the dancer’s name and the word TUITION.  

The barres and the mats will be disinfected between every class.