Mark your calendar for these Important Dates!

Dearborn Dance Academy

Specializing in Classical Ballet

Week of November 21-26
Tuition Due

Thursday, November 24
Thanksgiving Day-- No classes*

Watch Week
Saturday, December 17
Wednesday, December 21
Thursday, December 22
Photography Allowed

Week of December  19-24
Tuition Due

Friday, December 23 - Monday, January 2
Christmas Break -- No classes*

Week of January 16-21
Tuition Due

Saturday, February 11

Final costume payments due

Week of February 13-18
Tuition Due

Watch Week
Wednesday, February 15
Thursday, February 16
Saturday, February 18
No use of cell phones or cameras​

Week of March 13-18
Tuition Due

Saturday, April 1

Class picture payments due for participants

Saturday, April 8

Individual photo orders due

Week of April 10-15
Tuition Due

Saturday, April 22

Professional photographer comes to the studio to photograph dancers in costume 

Saturday, May 6

Studio rehearsal for all gym classes

Week of May 8-13
Tuition Due
Saturday Students Pay 5 weeks

Friday, May 19

Studio rehearsals for recital

Monday, May 29

Memorial Day -- No classes•

Sunday, May 21

Tentative--Ticket sales for recital begin

Week of June 5-8
Tuition Due

Friday, June 16

Tentative--Dress Rehearsal 

Saturday, June 17

Tentative--Annual Show