Photos by Tom Lorton

I have been the proud owner of Dearborn Dance Academy since 1991. In the course of those years I have been privileged to share my vision of dance as a performing art with many talented young people. Our experienced teaching staff has a mission of developing technical skills, self-discipline, confidence and poise, through dance. Realizing this mission has been possible because of parents who teach their children the value of long term commitment and dedication to doing one thing very well. By keeping their children focused on excelling in an activity like dance, we help them develop character and prepare them for success in all areas of life. 

Patricia Damian
Owner and Artistic Director

Dearborn Dance Academy is now registering students for our re-opening, which hopefully, will happen soon!! I am so looking forward to new and present students joining our studio family!!!

Call the studio at 313-274-6070
or my personal phone at 248-231-9442
to register.

 Hope to hear from new students soon!!

For my present students, an email will be sent to notify you when we will re-open!! If your email has changed or you have not been receiving emails since March please send your email to me at

Thank you to all and hope to see you soon.
Patricia Damian Mortens

Dearborn Dance Academy

Specializing in Classical Ballet